How Attorneys Can Help

We of the legal community are among the millions of Americans who have significantly benefited from the willingness of Ohio’s veterans and active-duty servicemembers to voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way. In a very real sense, one might say that they have already paid their legal fees. But, upon return from their deployments overseas and re-entering the civilian population, they find jobs scarce and their military skills in low demand. As a result, many of these warriors may find themselves changing from the fighting elite to the general poor.


Operation Legal Help Ohio (OLHO) is set up to connect low-income veterans (and some current servicemembers) with volunteer lawyers willing to represent them pro bono in matters of landlord/tenant evictions, credit card debt, employment law, estate planning, uncontested divorce and dissolutions, and veterans benefits appeals.


Although there are pro bono legal services are already available in the state through the legal aids and otherwise,  many servicemen and women are proud contributors to this country – often too proud to call legal aid. And, legal aids are frequently stretched too thin to help.

It is our hope that many in the legal community who have not yet offered pro bono service to legal aid, particularly those who are former servicemen and women, will step forward to assist Ohio’s veterans. With that in mind, Operation Legal Help Ohio is asking Ohio’s lawyers to provide access to justice for low-income veterans through pro bono service.


If you are an attorney who is interested in helping Operation Legal Help Ohio and the veterans and servicemembers we serve, you may become either a volunteer or mentor attorney.


Volunteer attorneys may take on up to two pro bono cases per year for low-income veterans and servicemembers. (Volunteers are always contacted and asked if they are willing and capable to take on a case before any obligation arises.)


Mentor attorneys can help by assisting volunteer attorneys who have taken cases in areas of the law in which they do not specialize. Mentors should be willing to take phone calls from volunteer attorneys and to offer advice regarding the volunteers’ OLHO cases.


If you’d like to become a volunteer or mentor attorney, please click the button below for more information, and to fill out the form to submit your information and get started.


You may also help by making a financial contribution. Please see the Support OLHO page for further details.


As an Operation Legal Help Ohio lawyer, you can attend OLHO or the Legal Aid
Society of Columbus (LASC) CLE classes at no charge.


Please click here for information on upcoming events.


Use the links below to access PDF versions of some of the most popular resources for attorneys representing OLHO clients.


If you have completed or are currently working on a case for OLHO, please provide feedback. There are two forms available for your use. Please click on the appropriate link below to fill out the forms.

Final Status Report: Please complete this form once you have completed your case for OLHO.

Interim Status Report: Please complete this form every three months while you are working on your OLHO case.